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Ron Breuklander

Ron Breuklander - Aesthetics Specialist
Reach me at

All Esthetic and Hybrid Full Zirconia Bridge & Digital Cases. Any Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Custom Shade concerns.
High Knowledge, Wide Range of Skills, Short Height.

Dave Purdom

Dave Purdom - Model and Die Specialist
Reach me at (949) 630-8030

All Mounting,special bite, clearance and die trimming issues Diagnostic Wax-Up case planning.
Notorious “Follically Challenged” Note Writer.

Mark Tillman

Mark Tillman - Implant Specialist
Reach me at (714) 421-5797 or

All Implant Case and Chair-side Office Consultations. Any inquiries regarding implant abutment selection and design.
Mr. Cool, doesn't get rattled, except that time he lost his torque driver.


Olga- Office Manger
Reach me at (714) 426-2925 or

All Billing and Payment Inquires Case Scheduling and Rush Case Approval.
Office Fashionista!


Ann - Customer Service
Reach me at (714) 426-2900 or

Pick ups and Custom Shade Appointments General Customer Service questions.
Compulsive Labeler and Avid Message Taker.

We are happy to have you as a member of our family! Our mission is to build strong relationships with our customers and offer the highest quality and uncompromised value to the patients we serve.


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